Wedding Dress Styles

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Clothes that have a very little cloche skirt and in the form of a loop in the shoulder area. The collar of the dress is usually open up to the navel and abdomen, and this open part of the dress is covered with a delicate net.


This design is usually sleeveless, but sometimes it is added with a uniform net. The main feature of this dress is the Dalber-shaped collar of the dress. In general, clothes with a Dalber-shaped collar are called scalloped.


First of all, not all sleeveless dresses are called décolleté. In fact, they differ in the shape of the collar, which is different from each other. In this dress, the collar is V-shaped and covers the entire chest.


Designs that have a collar on the arms and are open are called off-shoulder.


This series of clothes have almost no puffiness. In the first stage, they are seen as a décolleté dress, but they are attached to the dress with beads and beads or flowers.

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