History of the royal color purple

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The color purple is tied to kings and queens. The history of this connection goes back to the ancient world. At that time, this color was valued for its bold awe, and often, the upper class of society reserved the right to use it only for themselves.
Queen Elizabeth had banned all people, except the immediate royal family, from wearing purple clothes.
At that time, some Roman emperors forbade their citizens from wearing purple clothes, and the offenders were punished with death. Purple was especially revered in the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine kings wore purple robes, signed their decrees in purple ink, and described their children as having been born in the purple.

The reason for royal purple’s popularity is very simple. For centuries, the purple dye trade was concentrated in only one ancient Phoenician city. The purple of the city of Tire is obtained from a species of sea snail that is currently known as Brandaris Bolinus. So it was very rare and worth its weight in gold. To obtain the purple dye, the dye makers made a slit in the shell of the snail and extracted the mucous substance that produces the purple dye from it. Then this material was exposed to sunlight for a specific period of time. They produced only 30 grams of usable dye from 250,000 conch shells. But this color was refreshing and long-lasting.
At that time, clothes made of purple were extremely expensive.
The cost of producing half a kilogram of purple wool was more than the total annual income of each person, so it is natural that it is the monopoly of the rich and powerful. In Europe, the monopoly of purple color for the royal family was finally broken with the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 15th century, but it was in the 1850s that synthetic dyes first entered the market and this color became available to everyone.

People who use purple color are ambitious people with inner thoughts.
These people are dreamers and idealists. They think a lot about the future and create a beautiful and wonderful fantasy world in their minds.
People who like this color use luxury items and want to always be the best.
They travel and have fun and like to be independent. Those who use purple in their surroundings have a changeable mood.

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