Saho Style is an active group in two sections of virtual education, clothing design and clothing production and sales. This institution has been operating physically since 2016 with the cooperation of “Eyvan Khane Memar” and has entered the clothing design department since 2018. From August 2020, this institution started its web based activity under the name of Saho Style. At present, our education department cooperates with more than 25 prominent professors in the field of clothing design in the country and has trained more than 3000 students.

International Activity

The purpose of our team is to expand its activities in other parts of the world. For this purpose, we intend to provide our educational services through our branches in worldwide education sectors with the cooperation of prominent professors from different countries and to use the prominent designers of the same country in the field of design and sales.

Educational Platform

The main feature of the training section is to create a space for selling products of students through this platform. Our education department competes with other online and face-to-face training platforms with three advantages: 1. Free and continuous workshops, 2. renowned professors and 3. international credentials. Students will be able to participate in online classes by having a profile on our website and application. Students can also watch the playback of the recorded sessions.

Design and Production

In addition to educational activities, our team intends to launch a clothing production line and clothing-related accessories and also present special products that have been designed by prominent designers in this field and have been produced only in a limited number.

Social Network

As a vision to the education and sales platform, we intend to launch a social network for all fashion enthusiasts.

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We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.