Trend of Sunglasses in 2021

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Protective Shield

Shield’s attractive sunglasses are becoming more and more popular with newer designs such as larger lenses and thicker frames. This model of glasses is actually a winter model that is a little more sporty, you can set it with any kind of clothes you want.

Cat Model

Cat models are very attractive and new glasses that are professionally chosen to show a more elongated face. They also make it look a little brighter. These glasses are never blown.

Large Size

Large sizes are mostly square models, but if you are not interested in square glasses, do not be upset because there are other large size models among the fall 2020 trends with different designs.

Slim Sunglasses

Although slim sunglasses have been very popular and trendy over the past few seasons, only a handful of them have caught the eye between the fall and winter 2020 trends.

Old, Attractive Pilot Glasses

Every year we see a new series of attractive and modern pilot glasses, and the fall of 2020 was no exception. Valentino pilot sunglasses were slightly larger than usual and were designed for women who wanted to cover their faces. They were also in a wide variety of glass colors for more variety of choices.

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