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What is Retro in General?

The retro thesis has been used since the 1960s and retro has old used items and is still used today. The retro style does not use much of the distant past, it covers the last 100 years. The retro style has Latin roots meaning “The Past”. It was first used in the French fashion industry. After a while, retro came to England, then old and contemporary styles were revived.

Retro Style

Retro style is inspired by vintage. These clothes were designed in the style of almost 20 years ago. Today, these clothes of the past decades are being produced again and even famous brands such as Adidas and Nike have produced retro style items. Today, styles from the 1990s have become popular again. Items with short and long pleated skirts, cloche skirts, pleated skirts, baggy pants, pearl necklaces, old hairstyles, and old smoky glasses turn your style into a retro style.

The Difference between Retro Style and Vintage Style

Vintage actually refers to the styles of the 1920s and later with the fact that modern styles do not fall into the category of vintage style. The word vintage refers to the longevity of clothing, not a particular type of clothing, meaning that if clothes were sewn in the modern world, they would still not be in the vintage category, even like 1920s clothing. But retro refers to imitating the style and clothes of the past. Many retro style designers, are producing clothes from the 1980s and 1990s, trying to revive the clothes and styles of the past. They are retro, not vintage! In fact, retro style paves the way for the return of vintage patterns and styles to the modern world.


Sometimes the word antique is used instead of the word retro. Styles from 100 years ago are antique.

At the End

This style belongs to those who enjoy the past and are looking for a nostalgic feeling.

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