Course information and topics of Bride Dress Design course:

  1. Figure Design and Anatomy: As a wedding dress designer, you should be able to easily and quickly implement the figure on paper and be able to imagine and sketch three-dimensional figures of different kinds. In addition to demonstrating your skill and mastery, this will enable you to implement your mental designs as easily as possible.
  2. Basics of Visual Art: Costume design is one of the branches of visual art, so any skilled costume designer like any other artist needs to have a complete mastery of visual art topics, which includes a complete knowledge of visual elements such as volume, line, level, color and etc.
  3. Dress Design 1: In this semester, you will get acquainted with the components of the dress and how to design these components in the right way, and you will be taught to design albums of engagement dress and other parts related to the bride.
  4. Dress Design 2: In this semester, you will learn dress design based on different body shapes and custom-made, ideation and creativity, the necessary skills for industrial and artistic collection, and how to present as a single design or collection as standard.
  5. Personal Styling: One of the most interesting topics of this course is recognizing and examining different personality types and creating a style for each bride with her own unique personality and characteristics.
  6. History of Clothing and Stylistics: We all know that one of the requirements for success and permanence for a designer are to know the fashion industry and existing styles, to find a personal style in design and continuity in this style, and this is achieved only by examining the history of art and styles.
  7. Fabrication and Making of Bridal Crowns and Accessories: Jewelry embroidery, embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, embossed flowers, and thermal crowns
  8. Sewing 1: Sewing all kinds of related skirts based on night and bride
  9. Sewing 2: Types of pliers tops
  10. Dress Sewing: Boxes and wedding dresses
  11. Modeling: Special volumes on skirt collar and sleeves

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