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Concept means the big idea behind a design. A concept is an organizational thought that is usually presented in the form of a diagram or sentence.


To put it simply, tapestry is a fabric that has a simple texture, so that the fabrics cover the threads to create different patterns. This term is mostly used among designers and fabric manufacturers. It is the basis of all textures and is now considered an up-to-date art. In general, fabrics with simple textures or kilims are called tapestry textures.


Dressing in a way that the viewer cannot distinguish gender is called androgynous.


It is a trend that is very popular for a short time.

Knock off

A kind of design that is a copy of an expensive dress.


The heel size of loafers is half an inch to one inch. There is always a distinct part of the foot and the ankle is visible. The tongue of the shoe is sewn to the shoe in a U-shape. They have a strong outsole and are without straps.

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